Sunday, April 23, 2006


A Long Journey Starts with Lots of Packing

The main impetus for creating a blog today--as opposed to two months ago when a friend suggested it or sometime later this year when I finally get around to it--is that tomorrow I'm heading out on an eight-week adventure to attend two songwriting residencies. The first is the New York Mills Cultural Center Artist Residency which is in New York Mills, Minnesota (near Fargo, North Dakota) where I will be for four weeks in May. The second is the Ucross Foundation Artist Residency, in the Bighorn mountain area of northern Wyoming, where I will be for the next two weeks into June.

I'll be driving to these residencies--my longest cross-country trip yet--and I'll be performing along the way. More information on my tour dates are located on my music tour page.

Right now, I've got more packing to do. I'll write more when there are adventures to relate.

Wow! You're leaving already! Spring sure came up fast. I'll miss you while you are gone. Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to reading your blog!! love, jenn
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